’The Universal Geometry’ artwork by T. Pérskaya

– What is Geometry of Life? Do You have your own personal opinion?          – Can we utilise Sacral Geometry along with Mathematics in order to improve our lives on a practical level by adding to them more of Cosmic Order, give our lives higher meaning, synchronise them with the Universal Puls ?

 – Yes  we can! This webpages are all about the subject

It’s clear that an entire world and a human as its inhabitant have been created according the divine original patterns and structures. That’s why it’s logical that if we study those geometrical patterns on every level (the way of creation) in order to apply those patterns on everything we do, the outcome will be synchronisation with our universe, environment, humanity and with the next fellow.

How can we do it? Read, think, give a piece of your mind here and help me to save the world in need of salvation… I am trying to do it with a help of both Sacral & mathematical Geometry. I believe in divine structures & patterns!

The sajt is under development, all contributions on the subject are welcome

Tanja P.

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