This book, translated into the Russian language with the title ‘The Heavenly Mysteries of Emanuel Swedenborg’, had the original title ‘Swedenborg: Essential Readings’.  First published in 1988, it enjoyed success with the English speaking public, and has since undergone several editions.
Dr.Stanley’s book gives an excellent insight into the personal world of the great spiritual philosopher Swedenborg and his heavenly teachings. The structure of the volume’s thirteen chapters and well-chosen quotations with Dr.Stanley’s comments, makes Swedenborg’s doctrine more comprehensible, exciting and involving. Dr.Stanley presents Swedenborg as the ‘Herald of the New Age’. This book is enlightening and essential for a contemporary Russian speaking reader.  
Translated to Russian by T. Perskaya

After his initial career in physics at Columbia University in New York, Michael Stanley answered a call to the ministry, later serving for many years as Principal of the Swedenborgian New Church College in Manchester, where he taught theology, psychology and comparative religion. He has written several books, and delivered public lectures and workshops on spiritual topics in several countries, such as the USA, Great Britain and Australia. Dr.Stanley has a particular interest in applying spiritual principles to personal development. Having undergone a number of personal life-changing experiences, he has developed a growing interest in the mystical dimensions of life.

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